Wireless Mouse 2.4G Receiver Slim Mouse

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Perfect for writers or people who work from home.

Write with your phone/tablet twice as fast

How much life time could you save with the right tool?

Those who use both thumbs on the cell phone can write an average of 30 words per minute.

Those who use Neobile™ can write an average of >60 words per minute.

Accelerate your productivity a thousand times working from your mobile or simply enjoy a more comfortable space by connecting the keyboard to your computer and using it remotely.

Very easy and simple to connect, you can connect several devices simultaneously and exchange them with a single button.

Forget low-end keyboards and jump to the most powerful and reliable quality on the market.

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Wireless Mouse 2.4G Receiver Slim Mouse
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Next-gen Features

Very easy to use and configure bluetooth keyboard with built-in touch panel; Being foldable, it does not take up space and the touchpad is comfortable for the sofa since it avoids the use of the mouse.

Perfect for travel, you can easily carry it in your pocket or briefcase. It hardly weighs and connects with a really surprising ease.

The battery lasts much longer than expected by consumers, making it perfect for concentrating on work.

Easily Foldable & Light Weight

The ultralight design weighs less than 1 kg, making it easy to transport.

Easy to fold with magnets that bind it together and make it compact and comfortable.

Shockproof, very durable. can be used by children.

You can easily connect the keyboard with any device via bluetooth

You can have up to 3 devices connected at the same time.

Very intuitive, it also comes with instructions in case you need more information.

It connects with mobiles, tablets, computers and any device.

Use your tablet or mobile as easy as a computer

You can write anything more than twice as fast and much easier than with your mobile.

Perfect for writing a book from anywhere inspiration strikes.

With a comfortable touch panel to use with any device you want.

1. Slim, ergonomically-designed 2.4 GHz wireless mouse, ideal for home or office use
2. Compatible with most laptop and desktop computers via USB receiver (packed in the mouse)
3. Optical tracking technology, works on many different surfaces
4. 16 wireless working channels, automatic frequency jumping
5. Powered by two AAA batteries (not included)

1. Operation distance is closely related to the environment.
2. The mouse will shut off automatically and enter sleeping mode for saving power when it’s not used for a long time. To wake it up, press the right or left button.

Color: as variant shown
Frequency: 2402MHz-2480MHz
Wi-Fi Range: 10m app

Package Contents:
1 x Wireless Mouse, 1 x USB Receiver

Weight 100.0 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Pink, green, white, blue, black, Bright red