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Guaranteed quality

Neobile™ is the original name that people trust for the coolest wireless keyboard in the world. Our customers choose us time and time again for our meticulous craftsmanship and world-class design team, using the best high-quality materials on the keyboard market. Forget buying cheap keyboards that last only two days and the third is already broken.

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Makes Your Life Easier

Folded it takes up almost nothing and is very manageable. The touch that it has works perfectly and very fluid. With a simple combination of keys you can switch from one device to another.

This product surprises

The touch of the keys is pleasant and comfortable to handle and when folded, it is very practical to transport it since it remains in an ideal size for it. And if that wasn’t enough, it also brings a cover for transport and security.

Shock and Drop Resistant

We do a lot of tests and we have managed to make it light as well as super resistant

It’s a Masterpiece

The initial unfolding of the keyboard confirms satisfaction with a very well thought out mechanism and a more than good fit and accompanied by a fully satisfactory sound.


Made with environmentally friendly materials. We care about the environment

Extremely Easy to Connect

And it is time to connect it. Theoretically it supports 3 devices. And the process is so easy that it is almost embarrassing to explain, because finally, they have made it easy to connect and change which device it controls

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