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Hassle free



Keep it simple

The easiest way to work from mobile

Extremely slim

It fits anywhere, take it with you wherever you want without even realizing you have it.

High Quality Material

Forget about plastic and materials that last two days. Only high-quality materials are used here

Two Connection Modes

You can connect the keyboard with your device via Bluetooth or USB cable. Your device will prioritize recognizing USB cable mode when connected at the same time. When you remove the USB cable, the keyboard will automatically switch to Bluetooth mode.

The experiences

What People say

This keyboard hooks up to the computer very easily. It is soft to the touch and folds up super neatly. The keys make that fun mechanical key sound that is so sought after these days. I love bringing this with me in case I need a full keyboard.

John Smith

United kingdom

I recently started using a laptop stand when working at my MacBook Air to help with the posture and as it became very uncomfortable to use the laptop built in keyboard, I decided to get myself a compact keyboard. I was deciding between a few options and at first was a little hesitant to go with this particular one due to its tricky set up. I was afraid I won’t get used to it. Im glad I decided to give it a try as it didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it. It seems very sturdy, compact and pairs easily, overall a really great product that I do recommend!

Jessica Golden


Product was delivered in a small box with plenty of packaging to protect the item. The item itself was nice and compact, exactly as I expected it to be. It connected to my phone, ipad and computer seamlessly. Really happy with the purchase!

Carl Schenger


The Best Features

Fast, easy, and error-free writing. 

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Other products perfect to use with Neobile™

Working from home easier than ever. 

Neobile™ | Phone Stand 2.0

Simple, functional and elegant.  A very practical support to give the necessary inclination to the camera for video conferencing or teleworking.

Perfect for travel, you can easily carry it in your pocket or briefcase in company of your keyboard. 

Perfect for watching your favorite videos while keeping your hands free.

phone stand 2.0

Neobile™ | 3D Screen Amplifier Phone

Protects your eyes from radiation while avoiding fatigue, allowing you to spend much more quality time working.

Very good quality so it is perfect to keep distance with the phone and rest your hands watching the videos you like the most.

It works without a battery to do that you do not have to wait to charge it, you buy it once and use it for life.

3D Screen Amplifier Phone
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